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No matter if you’re coming from the dynamic avenues of New York, the enchanting waterways of Venice, or the vibrant shores of Rio de Janeiro, Marbella invites you to experience a lifestyle unmatched in luxury and sophistication. This Mediterranean gem offers breathtaking coastlines, top-tier amenities, and a lively cultural scene, making it a prime destination for discerning investors and luxury seekers worldwide. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your property portfolio with Marbella’s finest offerings.

We are a Real Estate Agency based in Marbella. We inaugurated our company “Cleox Inversiones” in 2004, but both partners (Enrique Dominguez and Karen Yelin), have been working in the sector for many years beforehand.

We have trained and specialized to offer the best service to all our customers. We have different titles that guarantee our professionalism and we are always learning with one unique idea: to provide the greatest security to all our sellers and buyers.

In these times, we know that we have to be attentive as possible, especially if we want to compete in a market that has grown a lot in recent years.

Luxury property trends have pushed us to have a wide portfolio of properties, with which to meet your needs: villas, townhouses, apartments, plots, land, hotels … If you spend a little time going through our page you can see all the characteristics and details of each one of them.

In addition to acquiring a finished home, we can also advise you with the best guarantees in the management of real estate projects, in new construction projects and in the possible homemade reforms that you could do.

Finally, and thinking about the welfare of our customers, we offer our support both during the purchase and sale phase and in the post-sale phase: mortgage loan management, legal and fiscal consultations, and property maintenance in general.

We hope you can find in our company everything you need to make your purchase or sale.

Karen Yelin Founding Partner

Real Estate Management (ISEP), Master in Management of Real Estate Developments (IPE) and Real Estate Expert valuations (UEPJII). 

Karen Yelin Rozengway is a foundational pillar and founding partner at Cleox Inversiones. With a 25-year trajectory in the real estate world, Karen has been a driving force behind our vision and continuous growth. Her knowledge is grounded in specialized education, holding credentials including a Real Estate Management (ISEP), a Master’s in Management of Real Estate Developments (IPE), and Certification as a Real Estate Expert valuations (UEPJII). Her training and field experience provide her with a unique perspective in the valuation, promotion, and sale of properties.

At Cleox Inversiones, Karen is synonymous with excellence and professionalism. Her strategic approach and ability to interpret market trends are fundamental to our mission to provide the highest quality real estate services. Karen not only leads but inspires, ensuring that each project is handled with the utmost efficacy and attention to detail. Karen’s leadership has steered Cleox Inversiones towards new horizons and opportunities, always with the goal of meeting our clients’ expectations. Her vision for the future and commitment to innovation keep us at the forefront of the industry, offering tailored solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs.

Karen is a natural communicator, fluent in Spanish and Russian, and possesses basic English skills. This multilingual ability allows her to connect with clients from various parts of the world, providing inclusive and comprehensive service.

We invite you to contact Karen and the Cleox Inversiones team to discover how we can assist you in achieving your real estate dreams with the best guarantees to make your experience exceptional.

Enrique Domínguez Founding Partner

Real Estate Management (SURGE) and Intermediary in Real Estates Developments (INTESA). Drone pilot (RPA)

Enrique Domínguez is one of our founding partners and a pillar in the real estate industry with more than 25 years of experience. Enrique epitomizes a comprehensive real estate professional, with training that includes Property Management (SURGE) and Mediation in Building Promotion (INTESA). He also holds certification as a drone pilot (RPA), allowing him to offer unique and cutting-edge perspectives in the presentation and appraisal of properties.

Fluent in Spanish and with basic knowledge of English, Enrique effectively communicates in a global market, connecting with clients worldwide. His business experience, coupled with his natural selling ability, has endowed him with an exceptional “nose” for profitable real estate investments, advising our investor clients to make successful and beneficial transactions. Enrique is distinguished by his ability to understand and anticipate market needs, as well as by his talent for helping clients maximize their real estate investments. His focus is always on long-term value, ensuring that each decision is made with profitability and customer satisfaction in mind.

Our founding partner brings not only experience and knowledge; he carries a passion for innovation and excellence in every aspect of his work.

We invite you to discover how Enrique Domínguez and the Cleox Inversiones team can guide you towards your next successful real estate investment. Contact us and take the first step into your future with the assurance of being in the hands of one of the best.

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Invest in luxury properties in Marbella, a smart choice for your portfolio

Marbella, known for its unmatched luxury and status as a premier destination, continues to attract discerning investors seeking profitable opportunities. At Cleox Inversiones, a leading real estate agency in Marbella, we offer an exclusive selection of luxury properties that epitomize sophistication and class.

Our portfolio includes everything from stunning beachfront villas to prestigious golf course estates, each property chosen to enhance your investment portfolio. Discover the potential in Marbella’s luxury real estate market with us.

Discover why we’re the preferred real estate agency in Marbella

Investing in Marbella’s luxury real estate not only capitalizes on potential for capital appreciation but also opens doors to a sophisticated lifestyle. Envision hosting guests in your private haven, basking in views of the sparkling Mediterranean, or indulging in the luxuries of a premier golf community.

Our skilled team of property agents in Marbella will expertly navigate you through the purchasing process, ensuring a smooth transaction that maximizes your investment’s value. Seize the chance to join this exclusive community. Invest in your future! Contact our expert real estate today.